TimeOut Miami Ranks Regatta Grove As Top Coconut Grove Bar

Nestled within the lush, vibrant streets of Coconut Grove, Regatta emerges as a beacon of sophistication and exclusivity, celebrating the very essence of bespoke nightlife. This esteemed establishment has been heralded by TimeOut Miami as one of the best bars in the locale, a testament to its unparalleled ambiance, innovative mixology, and impeccable service. Regatta is not merely a bar; it is a sanctuary for the discerning, offering an escape into a world where elegance and quality converge in a symphony of sensory experiences.

The accolade from TimeOut Miami is no mere happenstance but a recognition of the relentless pursuit of excellence that Regatta embodies. With its curated selection of rare spirits, expertly crafted cocktails, and an ambiance that whispers understated luxury, Regatta stands as a jewel in Coconut Grove’s crown.

Somehow—and we really, truly don't know how—the pretty people always seem to find the newest, coolest place. And they were out, hundreds of them in slinky dresses and shirts buttoned down enough to show the results of all those bench presses, on the Thursday night when we first took a culinary, boozy lap through Regatta Grove.

To their credit, those pretty people, they have good taste. Regatta Grove is stunning. It's the kind of party spot to bring out-of-towners who expect as much from Miami, and it's full of food-truck like vendors putting out largely solid food. It comes courtesy of Breakwater Hospitality Group, the folks who brought us the now-closed Wharf here in Miami and its Fort Lauderdale sister.

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